Using LightUML

LightUML can be controlled via Eclipse UI in three places: the popup menu, pulldown menu, and preferences dialog. These are described below.

Popup Menu

You can find LightUML in a popup menu whenever you have selected a single Java project or package. This means, however, that the view you pop up the menu from has to know how to handle Java elements, e.g. the Package Explorer in Java Perspective. Additionally, LightUML appears in popup menu when you have selected a .pic file.

LightUML can add one of the following commands to popup menu (depending on the selection):

Pulldown Menu

The actionset of LightUML should appear to the top pulldown menu (you can change the visibility from Window > Customize Perspective) after you have installed LightUML. It contains one command:


You can find LightUML preference page from the top pulldown menu in Window > Preferences > Java > LightUML. The preferences contained in the main LightUML preference page are:

The "Class Diagrams" subpage contains following preferences:

The "Dot and Pic2plot" subpage contains following preferences:

The UMLGraph subpage contains following preferences: